DerpyDrago is a YouTuber who makes random videos. He plans to make a Super Smash Bros. Lawl Series.

List of videos on his channel

(in upload order, oldest to newest)

  • Battle for the Show Actor/Actress Worst to Best
  • OE 3A Challenge
  • Triangle Tri-sum challenge
  • Afterlife in the Limelight but it’s a cringe version and I’m screaming it
  • Inanimate Insanity Prediction
  • Inanimate Insanity Rankings
  • Lord of the Super Saiyans (my first voice acting experience)
  • Battle For Heaven Planet 1a:Friendships, Enemies, and Stilts? TRAILER
  • Camp Qwertyasdf Poiulk 0
  • Lines for FJTUDA
  • Twisted Turns Reboot Ice Flower Voice Audition
  • Roboty’s BFDI Camp Prediction
  • My messed up pencil I randomly found
  • Audition for alexlion0511’s survivor camp
  • Meme: Johnny Johnny Yes Papa